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Are you crazy? This is almost professional stuff. I mean, if I could draw like this, I'd probably just find a writer and create some cr...

by Nieris

I actually like this painting. The anatomy on the person seems a tad wonky, in my opinion. The arms seem a bit odd, and the foot also n...

It's well drawn in general, however those hands look a bit stiff and unnatural. The red-headed figure's head is a bit too large. Compar...



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Stephanie Morehart
United States
I came here to share my art and other (very limited) skills with the internet. I am also somewhat familiar with programming in Java and C++ as well.

My sites!
My Wordpress: (Will update once I get stable footing)
MY DISCORD: cobalt225 #7785
My Twitter: Cobalt225 @ cobalt225
My Youtube:… (My now empty Youtube channel)
My Patreon (I'm not that active though...):


Hey guys, probably not gonna update a whole lot, got a lot of stuff to do. Will be rebooting everything soon. See ya round.
Okay, I reinstalled Bendy and the Ink Machine.
*Installs Bendy and the Ink Machine*
*Clicks play*
*Holy crap the controls suck*
*That's why I uninstalled it.*
So in art class, our teacher was giving us some head cutouts for a project, so I told my seat partner "Look at that, she's giving us head."
I heard so much about it.  "Better than SAO" (everything is, you dummy).  "Amazing characters and animation."  The list goes on.

  TV Tropes described the animation as "Megaman Battle Network meets The World Ends With You."  I'm sorry, but that statement was bullshit.  TWEWY was unique and vibrant, while Megaman Battle Network was animu.  I mean, I can probably do better, and I'm not even GOOD at animation.  But I can forgive bad animation if the writing is good.  For instance, the earlier episodes of Eddsworld weren't great, but they were funny and showed IMPROVEMENT ("Can I call you Lucy/Daisy/Hillary? :3" vs. "For I am NYLOCKE! ______ of ___________!").  I see no improvement in the animation, from day one to the very end.  It's the same flat animu.  And the writing has nothing, either.  It's just SAO, but now weeaboos are writing the episodes and there's no naked Asuna to draw in the audiences.  The characters are annoying.  The level of "did not do their homework" skyrockets.  The voice acting is also flat, dull, and annoying, and females have two voices: high pitched and annoying, or fake sexy.  But the ending credits song is good, so there's that.

Basically, don't waste your time with this, and go watch something else, like Animator vs. Animation, Eddsworld, Crash Zoom, Pony.MOV, Attack of the Black Mages, Happy Tree Friends (Before Flippy), ANYTHING ELSE BESIDES THIS.  Your brain cells will be forever thankful.


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cobalt225 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
All of the hidden comments were just thanking me for llamas/watches.  Please send a note if you wish to thank me for anything.  Please.
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